It's Personal

Mark Sajko

Earlier this year, something shocking happened to me.  I developed an illness that literally trapped me in my own body. Within days I went from being strong and healthy to lying in a hospital bed, unable to move, speak or even breathe on my own.  My nerves were on fire.  Before I got sick, I’d never heard of Guillain-Barres Syndrome – a disorder where your immune system attacks your nerves. But thanks to the support of caring donors like you, my doctors at Oakville -Trafalgar Memorial Hospital had the equipment they needed to diagnose me quickly and start aggressive treatment. 

I spent four months in the ICU, hooked up to a ventilator, a lifesaving piece of equipment made possible thanks to your donations.

The staff at Oakville Hospital cared about me.  They saved my life!  They gave me every chance to recover!  They also went out of their way to make sure I could be there for the birth of my daughter.

I had only been out of the ICU and in the rehab unit for a day when my wife was scheduled for a C-section.  I couldn’t walk yet but a nurse made sure the delivery room could accommodate my wheelchair.  When the time came, she stood by my side as I welcomed my little girl into the world. When I held baby Holly in my arms, cradling her against my body, my heart filled with gratitude.  These incredible people had just given me an experience I’ll never forget.  To be so close and not get into the delivery room would have been crushing.

It’s been a long road to recovery but with your help the people at Oakville Hospital have been there every step of the way. In the beginning they saved my life, putting me on a ventilator when I lost the ability to breathe and was literally choking to death.  And later, they were there to guide me through rehabilitation as I slowly regained the ability to sit up, hold my new baby girl, and eventually walk out of the hospital on my own two legs.

It amazes me to think that virtually every piece of equipment used in my recovery – from ventilator to rehabilitation equipment – was purchased with help from kind-hearted people like you!