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In Lieu of Favors

In a few days I’ll be getting hitched and the process of planning our wedding has been both exciting and tiring.
There are so many miniscule details to a wedding with endless options. You can definitely get lost in all the wedding beauty and planning.  At times it can get frustrating and tiresome.  You just have to remind yourself that the end goal is the beauty of this whole process... Read More »
by OHF Admin Posted on: 06/26/2014

10 easy ways to host a fundraiser in your community, office or home

When I joined the Oakville Hospital Foundation three years ago I learned a whole lot including this very important detail: government funding does not cover the cost of all the new medical equipment at the new Oakville hospital.
It came as a surprise and once I gained knowledge of this I really understood the importance of community fundraising.
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by OHF Admin Posted on: 06/20/2014 Tags: community, events, oakville

Building Better Healthcare

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of designing the Oakville Hospital Foundation’s 2013/14 annual report. Like many organizations, we use the annual report to provide important financial information to our stakeholders and community. But it’s not all just facts and figures! Read More »
by OHF Admin Posted on: 06/09/2014 Tags: annualreport, buildingbetterhealthcare, hospital, infographic, Oakville, otmh