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Knights of Columbus Marian Council to raise $100,000

There are so many people and groups that contribute to making Oakville the best place to live in Oakville. At the top of that long list, however, is our service clubs. Take for instance the Knights of Columbus (KoC). The Knights are one of the largest service organizations in Oakville and thanks to their efforts, they provide support to many worthy Oakville charities including our hospital. Read More »
by OHF Admin Posted on: 06/03/2014

Throwback Thursday: #MovieMemories

Everyone has a beloved movie memory and sometimes it’s not so much about the film as it is about where you were and who you were when you saw it Read More »

Sun Comes Out For Weekend Fundraisers

We just finished an excruciating winter and the warm weather is finally here so there is no reason to stay indoors any longer. Oakville is filled with numerous hiking trails, our fabulous downtown shopping core, and of course, the lake. Plus, this is the time of year when family events are popping up every weekend.
Next weekend there are two fun events happening in Oakville ...
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by OHF Admin Posted on: 05/27/2014 Tags: 2014, Biking, de, Drug, for, Foundation, Fundraiser, Halton, Hospital, Mart, Oakville, Run, Running, Shoppers, Tour, Women

Behind the Scenes: Designing the New Oakville Hospital

It’s no wonder residents of Oakville feel they are living in the best city in the country. Not only is it a safe and stable place to live, with a sunny and warm climate that is envied by the rest of the nation, but it also has a strong arts community and presents numerous recreational attractions.
Arguably one of the town’s greatest qualities is its ease of access to superior medical treatment and hospitals.
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by OHF Admin Posted on: 05/22/2014 Tags: architects, blog, community, healthcare, hospital, LEED, new, oakville, ontario, parkin