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Emergency and Urgent Care

The Emergency Department (ED) in the current hospital is 15,000 square feet, while the new OTMH ED will be three times as large with 45,000 square feet of space dedicated for patients in need of urgent care.

Often the patient’s first point of entry to the hospital, the re-engineered design of the new emergency department will provide a more spacious and efficient delivery of emergency and urgent care. Patients will be quickly triaged from the waiting area directly into a specific care area such as, urgent care, minor treatment, rapid assessment, trauma and resuscitation, or an emergency psychiatric unit. 
Three MRIs, two CT scanners, ultrasound, and digital X-ray are strategically located near the emergency department to provide timely access to state-to-the-art diagnostic tools for critically ill patients, as well as support inpatients throughout the hospital. 
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by OHF Admin Posted on: 11/18/2015 Tags: Emergency, Hospital, Move, New, Oakville, OTMH
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