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Features and Design of the New OTMH

In just a few weeks, the new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital opens its doors to our community. The 1.6 million square foot facility boasts state-of-the-art technology, more space for patients and families, and numerous features and enhancements that will improve the experience of patients, family and staff.

Eighty per cent of inpatient rooms will be designated for single patients. This means more privacy for patients, opportunities for family to remain overnight with their loved one and enhanced infection prevention and control. Touch-panels in single patient rooms will permit patients to control room temperature, lighting and request meals.

New options for patient registration will be offered including booths, workstations and kiosks located in the main entrance and in clinical areas. This will allow patients to register quickly and easily find their way to clinic appointments. This will also help to improve the quality of data collected and support continuous service improvements, particularly for those who are attending clinics on a regular basis.

Instead of traditional nursing units, where one station serves as a hub for an entire unit, OTMH leverages a design called ‘nursing pods’. Each 36-bed inpatient unit is divided into three, 12-bed pods, with one team per pod. Each pod contains its own computerized workstations, communications systems and dedicated supplies and equipment.

Laboratory robotics will provide accurate processing of specimens and quicker delivery of lab results. The automated laboratory system is capable of running two tests a minute and the pill picker machine can package up to 2 million dosages of medication a year. 

Wireless technology will be used in lieu of individual pagers and public address paging to provide a quiet environment for patients and staff.

There will be separate, clearly marked outdoor traffic routes for emergency vehicles, hospital staff, public transit and the general public and plenty of parking for patients, staff, family and friends located close to multiple entrances.
The design of the new hospital is flexible and allows for adaptations over time as new technology and best practices emerge. 
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