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Oakville Hospital Foundation Blog

Meet Christie Henderson: Gala Sponsor and Chair of the Board of Directors

Meet Christie Henderson, managing partner of Henderson Partners LLP, Chair of the Oakville Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, co-chair of the 2012 and 2014 OTMH Candlelight Ball organizing committee and on various foundation committees. AKA Superwoman. Read More »
by OHF Admin Posted on: 10/17/2014 Tags: 2014, Ball, Candlelight, Christie, Henderson, Hospital, Oakville, OTMH

Candlelight Ball's Platinum Sponsor: Jonathon D Fischer Foundation

The Jonathon D Fischer Foundation (“JDFF”) believes in working domestically and beyond their borders, internationally.  JDFF believes in having a greater impact by leveraging the strengths of visionary charitable organizations. They believe in assisting in projects like the new Oakville hospital, that have both imminent needs and long-term sustainable benefits.
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by OHF Admin Posted on: 10/14/2014 Tags: Ball, Candlelight, D, Fischer, Foundation, Hospital, Jonathon, Oakville, OTMH

Barrington's and Murron's Cabinetree

We’re now a month away from the big day. As we prepare for the 23rd annual Candlelight Ball we would like to extend our appreciation to two established businesses, Barrington’s and Murron’s Cabinetree.  Read More »
by OHF Admin Posted on: 10/02/2014 Tags: 2014, Ball, Barrington's, Cabinetree, Candlelight, Color, Gala, Hospital, In, Living, Murron's, Oakville