Enhanced Kidney Care Program at OTMH

Posted: January 11, 2017
It takes great strength to live a life on a machine. For individuals with advanced kidney failure, this is especially true.

At OTMH, our Regional Nephrology Dialysis Program provides a range of services that help patients and their families manage their chronic kidney disease. In addition to dialysis, a common treatment for failing kidneys, the program includes a Kidney Function Clinic dedicated to teaching, supporting and caring for
people with the disease.

For dialysis patients, treatment is a vital part of day-to-day life. Patients visit the hospital a minimum of three times a week and stay for three to four hours of treatment each time. Janet Baker, patient care manager of the Oakville Dialysis and Kidney Care Clinic, has seen the unit evolve since opening over
18 years ago.

“We started with six dialysis stations at the legacy site. The new hospital opened with 24 stations and has since grown to 30, allowing us to treat up to 90 chronic patients per day,” said Baker. Upon moving to the new facility, the dialysis unit has seen vast improvements to the patient experience. The new space features floor-to-ceiling windows allowing for a view and more natural light. And with the unit’s expanded footprint, patients have more privacy in a quieter, calmer atmosphere.

As a kidney patient at OTMH for many years, Mr. Robert Colquhoun experienced first-hand the upgraded amenities and equipment. “It’s a beautiful space. And the staff in dialysis are tremendous. I couldn’t hope for better,” said Robert. Looking ahead, Baker hopes to see more patients dialyzing at home. “Home dialysis can allow patients to have greater independence and improved quality of life,” said Baker.

Enhancing the quality of life for our patients is a priority across all departments at OTMH. Through your generosity, we can continue investing in technology to detect illness earlier, reduce recovery time, and improve the patient experience.