Fundraising Campaign at 80% of Goal to Equip New Oakville Hospital

Posted: May 29, 2012

OAKVILLE, ON, May 28, 2012 – Today, the Oakville Hospital Foundation announced it has raised $48 million in its campaign to equip the new Oakville Hospital. The total was revealed by a group of Oakville children at an event that recognized major campaign donors and unveiled the Foundation’s “It All Starts Here” campaign which is seeking support from the entire Oakville community in order to reach their goal. 

 “It All Starts Here” is the largest fundraising campaign in the history of Oakville. Over the next three years, the Foundation will work with the community to raise the additional $12 million dollars needed to help equip the new Oakville Hospital, scheduled to open in December 2015.

The launch not only marked a significant milestone for the Oakville Hospital, but also paid tribute to many generous community members who have already contributed to the campaign. The audience of more than 250 people included a number of extraordinary individuals, families, and organizations who have donated $15,000 or more.

The evening paid special tribute to ten major donors who made gifts of $1 million or more to the Hospital:

• Peter Gilgan $10 Million
• Amarna $6.25 Million
• The WB Family Foundation $5 Million
• Betty and Bruce Birmingham $3.5 Million
• Pierre L. Morrissette Family Foundation $2.5 Million
• Brookfield Partners Foundation $1 Million
• Deloitte Partners, Employees, and Corporate Foundation $1 Million
• Michael and Christine Selim $1 Million
• Darko Vranich $1 Million
• The Walmley Foundation $1 Million

“We are incredibly grateful for the tremendous support we have received so far,” said Eve Willis, Campaign Co-Chair for the Oakville Hospital Foundation. “This total is clearly spectacular and sets the stage for success, however we still have a long way to go and thousands to reach in the community before we can say our hospital has the equipment it needs. It will take 100% of the community to think about their part in their healthcare and that of their family.”

The state-of-the-art healthcare facility will be three times the size of Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and will require more than 30,000 pieces of new medical equipment. Every piece is critical and every piece needs to be funded by the community.

“The support of many generous donors is crucial to the development of our new hospital as is the support of our volunteer and government partners,” said John Oliver, President and CEO of Halton Healthcare Services.

“Our provincial tax dollars have helped to build and expand hospitals all over the province for years,” said Bill Cooper, Campaign Co-Chair for the Oakville Hospital Foundation. “Now those dollars are coming home. Those dollars however do not fund equipment therefore a fully equipped hospital will only be possible with charitable support.”

The new Oakville Hospital will have a number of expanded programs and services including a cancer clinic delivering chemotherapy treatments, more CT scanners and MRI machines ensuring patients have quicker access to the vital diagnostics they needs, and more operating rooms to meet the growing demand for surgical procedures.

The Oakville Hospital Foundation is now turning to the community for their support whether by making a donation through the mail or online, sponsoring a runner in the upcoming Oakville Classic, or hosting a fundraising event.  “As you sit down for dinner this evening with your family ask the question what is our most meaningful contribution that will ensure the best healthcare for our family,” said Tina Triano, CEO of the Oakville Hospital Foundation. “It all stars with the dialogue. It all starts here with you.”


About The Oakville Hospital Foundation
The Oakville Hospital Foundation is partnering with the community to fund essential equipment for Oakville’s Hospital to enable high quality patient care. Generous support from the community is needed to help the Foundation achieve its campaign goal and equip the state-of-the-art healthcare facility scheduled to open in December 2015.

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