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Shahab Syed and his wife Afzala Syed has been a part of the Oakville community since 2001. When Afzala started Chicken Squared, the idea was to start something that is a part of the community. Since Chicken Squared’s opening, Shahab and his wife have made sure to be a part of a number of causes. Chicken Squared has served Halton for years through support of schools, sports, healthcare and other initiatives.  

Shahab and his wife held off on supporting the hospital because he always thought Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) had the means and the funding to run on its own without the community’s help. But when they discovered that the government does not fund essential medical equipment, they knew their support was much needed.  

After having family members in health crises, Shahab and his wife noticed that they were always being taken to hospitals in other communities for very specific treatment. He wants to give back to make sure his loved ones can receive care close to home when they need it. 

Giving back through Chicken Squared is what Shahab describes as “something little” to say thank you to our healthcare heroes for all they do to keep our community safe and healthy during this time. This cause initiative runs until July 31st, where all Oakville healthcare heroes can come and enjoy 15% off their order at any Chicken Squared Oakville location, as long as they show their ID badge.  

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