Current Needs - Child & Adolescent Mental Health


The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the already rising increase in the number of children and youth coming to OTMH needing more complex care and for longer periods of time. This past year, we have seen an increase in children and youth struggling with the effects of the pandemic, including school avoidance, social anxiety, eating disorders and the lack of social connections.

OTMH’s Child & Adolescent Mental Health Program provides a number of specialty resources and services for children, youth and transitional aged youth living in Halton Region, including:
  • The Navigator Program provides short-term support to children, youth and their families in crisis as they navigate through the complex mental health system and transition to longer-term services. The program plays a key role in providing early intervention for struggling children and youth, getting them the help they so critically need as soon as possible. 
  • The Eating Disorders Clinic provides individual and group treatment, as well as education and support, for patients and their families. Because of the pandemic, hospitals across the GTA are experiencing an increase in the number of patients requiring treatment for eating disorders. 
  • Recovery Through Education of Adolescent and Children in Halton (REACH) provides intensive mental health treatment and education services in a local community high school to prevent hospitalization or to support students as they transition from the inpatient unit into a community setting. 
  • Halton Region Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Services (CAPIS) provides assessment, stabilization and treatment for children and youth experiencing acute mental health symptoms. This involves individualized treatment planning for patients in collaboration with the patient and their caregivers.
Mental illness can have a profound long-term impact, especially in children and youth, making early identification and intervention so critical. Having access to the services and supports provided by OTMH leads to improved achievement at school and better health outcomes in life.

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