It’s another busy day in the Emergency Department at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.
The truth is we don’t get many quiet days anymore.  Ever since we moved into our new hospital in December 2015, we’ve seen more patients than ever before.  The same goes for other departments.
In the first four months after our move, we saw a 35% increase in patients turning to us for vital care and treatment.  The growth has been steady ever since.
It is our privilege to care for your family and our community. At the Oakville Hospital, we share a common goal: to provide evidence-based patient care to you and your loved ones.  
We require the best and most up-to-date equipment to provide you with the best care.  And so, we’re doing something at Oakville Hospital we’ve never done here before.  We’re matching your donation dollar-for-dollar to buy the equipment which we urgently need.
Your loyal support tells me you share our commitment to patient care.  With your generosity, you play a key role in making the Oakville Hospital a place you can trust with the health and wellbeing of your friends and family.  On behalf of all my colleagues, thank you for helping to put the latest, lifesaving tools in our hands.
We hope you’ll take this unique opportunity to make a special gift and double the impact of your generosity.  We will be delighted to match your donation so we can double the investment we make in urgently-needed diagnostic equipment for the hospital.
The government gave us a beautiful building and a budget to manage it.  Our ability to care for patients depends on having state-of-the-art equipment.  The funds we need for that equipment do not come from the government.  They come from our community — generous supporters like you.
With more patients turning to us than ever before — many of them sicker, with more complex and wide-ranging health issues — it’s crucial we have the equipment on hand to help them.
We are asking for your help to buy the equipment we need to provide excellent care to you, your family and neighbours.

This is our first time with this particular match.. Staff and Physician raised $134,134 and will match all donations up to this amount.

 All of us at the Oakville Hospital are fiercely committed to providing the best care for every person who comes through our doors.  We are very grateful to work in a community that shares our commitment to innovative and compassionate patient care.