Current Needs

We don’t get many quiet days in the Emergency Department at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. 

With more patients turning to us than ever before — many of them sicker, with more complex and wide-ranging health issues — it’s crucial we have the equipment on hand to help them.

And so, staff and physicians are doing something at Oakville Hospital that they've never done here before. They will match all your donations dollar-for-dollar, up to $134,134, to buy equipment which we urgently need.
Funds raised through this campaign will purchase equipment such as:
Bladder Scanner - These scanners are painless for patients and it eliminates the risks associated with unnecessary catheterization. 
Portable Ultrasound - These special 3D imaging units are portable so they can be brought right to the patient’s bedside.​
Physiological Monitors – These devices measure and track vital signs such as blood pressure, breathing and heart activity.  This is used to inform clinicians of changes in a patient's condition. The monitors will help track vital signs in patients who are critically ill.
Surgical scopes – These scopes will simultaneously view, assess and operate on the internal organs without making large incisions. The new surgical scopes will help ensure that more patients are seen, experience less pain during the procedure, and regain their strength and mobility over a short hospital stay.​
We hope you will consider supporting this important cause. 

We are asking for your help to buy the equipment we need to provide excellent care to you, your family and neighbours.
To make a donation to this initiative, please contact Oakville Hospital Foundation at 905-338-4642.