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Swinging for a Cause: Coopy’s Classic

Coopy's Classic Better Care Story
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Coopy's Classic Better Care Story

The Heartfelt Journey of Coopy’s Classic

We are celebrating the incredible volunteers and organizers of Coopy’s Classic, whose dedication and passion have been instrumental in supporting Oakville Hospital Foundation.

Coopy’s Classic Golf Tournament began its journey six years ago as a warm tribute to Tyler Cooper, a cherished friend of the organizers and volunteers. With shared memories from their upbringing, Tyler’s infectious charisma and positivity left a mark on everyone he encountered. Sadly, Tyler faced mental health challenges, leading to multiple admissions to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) before tragically taking his own life.

In honouring Tyler’s passion for golf and his enduring legacy, Coopy’s Classic was founded with a clear mission: to raise essential funds for mental health causes. Over these six years, the tournament has evolved into more than just a fundraising event; it’s a gathering of friends and families, united in their shared memories of a dear friend and their commitment to making a difference. Together, they have raised an impressive $50,000 for OTMH’s vital mental health programs.

Beyond the golf tournament, the event expanded last year with AC & The Sins hosting an electrifying concert at Monaghans Sports Pub and Grill in Oakville, all in support of OTMH.

Chris Taylor, a dedicated committee member and volunteer, passionately shares the sentiment behind their cause. He emphasizes the profound impact of giving back to OTMH, a hospital that provided crucial care to Tyler Cooper and that also continues to serve as a lifeline for the entire community.

The group’s commitment to keeping Coopy’s memory alive shines through their volunteer efforts and tireless dedication to ensuring that Coopy’s legacy thrives. With a fulfilled pledge and a deep-rooted commitment to their friend’s memory, the committee of six organizers continues to pave the way for a brighter future in mental health advocacy.

Stay tuned for exciting details about the 2024 Coopy’s Classic golf tournament, an annual celebration of Tyler’s life that also embodies the spirit of unity and generosity at the core of Oakville Hospital Foundation’s mission. Together, they continue to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by mental health challenges.