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Dr. Richard Casey

Dr. Casey's Better Care Story
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Dr. Casey's Better Care Story

Focusing on Men’s Health & the Role of a Urologist

Dr. Richard Casey, a urologist at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and an Oakville resident says, “When we are discussing men’s health, the first thing to keep in mind is prevention. Men need to look after themselves. Most health concerns can be mitigated with better habits, better diets and better weight control.”

We want to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of physical health among Canadian men, and the role of a urologist and when you should see one.

Men do not focus enough on physical health and need to take action to improve their overall health. Canadians are some of the healthiest people in the world; however, we know that many Canadian men are not as healthy as they could be: 29% are obese; 82% do not meet physical activity guidelines; 76% don’t eat healthy food; and 35% don’t get enough sleep. (Public Health Agency of Canada)

As a dedicated urologist, Dr. Casey encourages men to be proactive and take care of their body. “Men should see a good family physician. If you are over the age of 50, ask your doctor to check your prostate gland. If they are unable do it, then they can refer you to an urologist.”

Urologists treat a wide range of problems including prostate health, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction and bladder issues. The urologist’s specialty is the reproductive system and the urination system.

“If your doctor refers you to an urologist, you do not need to be shy. This is the time you can step up and get personal,” says Dr. Casey.

Your penis is a barometer for your vascular system and can save your life. If it’s not working or if you are struggling sexually, it can mean much more. Do not suffer in silence.

Most men feel awkward or uncomfortable to address these problems. Keep in mind, urologists have seen similar cases and will do their best to put you at ease.

“Dr. Google, can’t answer all your questions. Use your genetics to guide you and focus on optimum nutrition and diet. By taking care of your health with a balance diet you may never have to see a urologist.”

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