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Leave a Legacy – Your Future

Sharon's Better Care Story
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Sharon's Better Care Story

Sharon realized life was beginning to change quickly. Her kids were almost on their own; she was caring for a chronically sick family member; her husband Robert changed jobs last year; and her calendar was booked solid with day-to-day priorities. So how did Sharon and Robert find time to consider future steps?

The couple knew how important it was to have a Will but had always put it on the back burner. Now with all the family changes happening, it became very apparent they needed to get theirs done. Did you know only 27% of Canadians have a valid will? And for those who do have one, many have likely not reviewed it or updated it in years.

No matter your age or how much you have accumulated, having a Will honours your life’s work and shows your loved ones you cared to take time to think through your estate plan. A Will ensures what you have gets given to who you want. Your Will speaks volumes about the people and the charities that matter to you right now.

May is “Leave a Legacy” month and it is an excellent time to start the process of getting your Will made for the first time or updated. It’s not too late. Step one is deciding to do it.

Steps to see a lawyer?

If you would like to know the steps in getting ready to see a lawyer, call or email Deborah Bauder. Taking the time now will give you peace of mind later.