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Julia Le's Better Care Story
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Julia Le's Better Care Story

Little Taylor Pierce couldn’t wait to get here.

Due on January 4, he came a few days early  making him Oakville’s first baby of 2017. Taylor was born at OTMH on Sunday, January 1 at 1:52a.m. weighing 6-lbs.-15 ounces.

“My son’s healthy and that’s all I could ever ask for. It was the best birthday I could ever ask for,” said Julia Le who was born on New Year’s Day herself.

Julia, an Oakville resident who was born in Regina but grew up in neighbouring Mississauga, arrived at OTMH with her husband Jason Pierce shortly after 1 a.m. on January 1 and were told they were not likely to have the New Year’s baby.

“When we arrived, someone else was already here and they told us we were in the race to have the New Year’s baby,” said Julia, admitting when the other mom was ahead of her in the labour process, she breathed a sigh of relief from having to be in the spotlight.

In fact, Le’s co-workers, who annually herald the arrival of Oakville’s first baby of the New Year, had teased her that she could likely be in the news.

“I was hoping they wouldn’t be right,” laughed Julia, a veteran news reporter with the Oakville Beaver, who formerly worked at both the Milton Canadian Champion and Mississauga News, other Metroland-owned newspapers.

However, after arriving at the Hospital it didn’t take long for young Taylor to arrive.

“The little guy had a mind of his own and wanted to be out. Within half an hour, he was out and ready to greet the world,” said Julia. “This is my son’s way of telling me he calls the shots,” laughed Julia.

“All I really wanted was for everything to go smoothly and for Julia and our baby to both be healthy and everything turned out that way,” said proud new dad, Jason. “I’m happy and excited. This New Year is going to be a hard one to beat.”

“At four months old, Taylor has already learned how to charm a room with his infectious baby giggles and smile,” said Julia. “He is happiest when he’s chatting with someone and he loves kicking, grabbing toys and being awake at all hours — just like his older brother Hayden was when he was Taylor’s age.”

Hayden, who will be three in July, has taken on his new big brother role in strides, helping his mom and dad with diaper changes, story time and bath time. He dotes on Taylor, who has just learned to roll over.

Looking back at her stay at OTMH, Julia reflected on how nice it was to have her baby at the new Hospital. “My morning breakfast had a sweet note wishing me a ‘Happy birthday’,” she said, adding how the care she received from nurses was also exceptional.

The handmade hat and blanket she was gifted for having the New Year’s baby was also a “nice, personable touch,” she said.

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