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Rekha Sharma

Rekha's Better Care Story
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Rekha's Better Care Story

On the afternoon of March 29, 2020, Rekha Sharma took to walking on her deck in the backyard as she did each day. It had drizzled that morning and there was a wet spot and before she could balance herself, she slipped and fell hard on the deck.

“I was totally frozen there due to shock, unable to move or lift my right leg,” says Rekha.

Her husband was on a walk outside the property and did not have his phone with him. All the doors to the house were locked, and Rekha had no choice but to cry for her neighbour’s help.

“The neighbours heard me and with the front and backyard doors locked, they hopped over the fence with a blanket in hand to cover me.”

As soon as they saw her, unable to move, they called 911. Rekha was taken to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) immediately. She was taken to the Emergency Room (ER), and after waiting for a couple of hours, a resident doctor told her she needed an X-Ray.

“When I was in the ER, I thought to myself ‘I am experiencing the care that everyone in our community talks about.’”

Dr. Haverstock confirmed that Rekha’s kneecap was not fractured, but broken. She was scheduled for day surgery two days later.

“On April 1st, I arrived at my surgery appointment at 6:00 am. My husband was not allowed to be with me during my procedure. I could not have anyone from home hold my hand. I was extremely nervous and scared. It was the first surgery of my life.”

Rekha fondly remembers the nurses and medical staff giving her “so much time and personal care.” From the nurse on the second floor who checked Rekha in, to the recovery room nurses, she recalls the nurses being both polite and cheerful.

“After getting spinal anesthesia, the assistant to the anesthesiologist kept holding my hand, and every few minutes would cover me if I felt cold and turn the cool air on if I was feeling warm. She held my hand throughout the entire surgery,” says Rekha. “It felt like a close friend who loved me was with me.”

Dr. Zochowski, Orthopedic Surgeon at OTMH, completed Rekha’s surgery in a little over an hour. Rekha was taken recovery rooms where nurses greeted her with enthusiasm and warmth.

“All the nurses were so kind and friendly, but professional. They sat near me, waited with me and spent time with me. They constantly told me everything was going to be fine. I will never forget their helping nature and bright personalities,” says Rekha.

Rekha was taken home in the evening to her bedroom where she would spend a few months healing with the help of physiotherapy and checkups with the surgeon.

“When I was on the other side of the care, I felt proud to have been a big part of serving on the Diwali committee.”

Rekha was an active community member with three years’ experience as the committee member, co-chair and chair to the Oakville Diwali Gala committee. She contributed to its success today.

“I thought I was giving back to the community by working on Oakville Diwali and raising funds for Oakville Hospital Foundation, only to find that this community returned so much to me during this harrowing experience.”

Her experience reminds us how important it is to have access to great care and the latest equipment close to home.

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Rekha thanks her community, “Dhanyavaad,” and wishes our Oakville community “Deepavali Shubh Ho!”


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