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Shifa Gala Better Care Story
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Shifa Gala Better Care Story
Shifa Gala Story

The Story of Oakville's Shifa Gala

Oakville residents Raza Hasan and Sadaf Hasan embody the spirit of community engagement and compassion. For over 17 years, they’ve called Oakville home, finding ways to contribute meaningfully to the place they cherish.

Raza’s journey with the Oakville Hospital Foundation began when he joined the Board of Directors. This decision was personal, resonating with his desire to support his community in a way that felt close to his heart.

As Raza immersed himself in the Foundation’s work, he gained insights into healthcare funding, hospital operations, and the critical needs of Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH). Attending various galas over the years, Raza recognized that there was a lot he learned, and this information was not known to his community. He believed there should be a platform representing the Muslim community so that they could learn this information and provide their support. This realization sparked conversations with friends in 2019, leading to the vision of the Shifa Gala—an evening not just for celebration but for meaningful impact.

The onset of the pandemic put a stop to the plans, but Raza and Sadaf remained focused. They understood that impactful change often begins with education and awareness. Lack of information about healthcare funding prompted them to act.

“We realized that many people, like us, weren’t aware of how crucial their support could be,” shared Sadaf. “Our aim became clear: to bridge this gap and empower individuals to make a tangible difference.”

In 2022, the inaugural Shifa Gala set modest fundraising goals, yet the community’s response exceeded expectations, demonstrating the power of collective goodwill. The following year, with a higher target, the gala not only met but surpassed expectations, thanks to the dedication of volunteers like Raza, Sadaf, and the following committed individuals:

  • Syed Zia
  • Owais Ahmad
  • Naveed Manzoor
  • Dr. Fakhara Rana
  • Aleem Kassam
  • Hussein Hamdani
  • Tamur Shah
  • Kaavish Hasan
  • Anum Manzoor
  • Razeen Kassam
  • Mehr Ahmad
  • Neeya Hasan
  • Insha Hasan

Each brought their own talents and passions, and this unity drove the gala’s success.

Reflecting on the journey, Sadaf emphasized the intrinsic value of giving back. “Canada has given us so much, and it’s only natural to give back to a place that has nurtured us in countless ways,” she remarked. “The Shifa Gala isn’t just about fundraising; it’s about fostering a culture of generosity and community engagement.”

Beyond the numbers, the gala’s impact reverberates in the stories of volunteers. Each contribution, whether through time, resources, or expertise, echoes a shared commitment to healing and well-being—which is what “Shifa” means. As Sadaf puts it, “We’re not just organizing an event; we’re creating connections, amplifying voices, and building a stronger, healthier community.”

Stay tuned for the details on the 2024 annual Shifa Gala.