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Dr. Valadka's Better Care Story
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Dr. Valadka's Better Care Story

Late one afternoon, a cancer patient comes into Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) for a routine CT scan. Her oncologist is being thorough – making sure her cancer hasn’t grown or spread.

Soon after the scan, I review the images on the screen and am surprised and alarmed by what I see. There’s a blood clot that has nothing to do with her cancer. Even though it’s after-hours, I don’t hesitate to call her doctor.

The patient needs immediate treatment before the clot can travel to her lungs.

As a radiologist at OTMH, I know this marvel of medical technology, the CT Scanner, may have just saved this patient’s life. And, it’s not the first time. Every day, we rely on CT to assess, diagnose and follow patients during and post-treatment.

In fact, CT is relied on heavily by clinicians throughout our hospital to diagnose everything from strokes and blood clots to kidney stones and infections. It’s also used in planning for surgery and in monitoring cancer therapy.

No wonder we call our CT Scanners the workhorse of our Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Department.

Today, during this season of giving, I hope we can count on you to increase your support. Your special, holiday gift will help us invest in state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment, including a new CT Scanner, so we can continue to provide exceptional care to our patients.

With your help, we’ll make sure those in our community – including your own friends and loved ones – always have access to the equipment they need to diagnose their illness, to save their life.

Perhaps you’re wondering why a new CT Scanner is at the top of our equipment wish list this season. You see, everything in medicine has a useable lifespan and that includes our DI equipment. After 7-10 years, repair costs increase and it can be hard to find replacement parts.

One of our two CT Scanners is now 11 years old. We owe it to our patients – to families like yours – to replace it with the latest technology available before it starts breaking down.

The CT Scanner we’re planning to buy isn’t like our current one. It’s so much better! That’s because, like cars and cell phones, the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 11 years.

The images produced by our new “workhorse” will be much higher in quality. Even the smallest, most subtle things will be more obvious on the screen. This helps improve the accuracy of a diagnosis.

Imagine the benefit that comes from diagnosing a tumour in its earliest stages, or being able to spot the tiniest changes in a cardiac patient’s heart. Imagine someone’s relief at hearing the words, “we caught it in time…”

In addition, the new CT Scanner also limits the amount of radiation exposure by our patients. That’s great news – especially for people who need regular monitoring for a condition like cancer.

All of us in Radiology are very excited about the new CT Scanner and what it will mean for patients. More than anything, we’re committed to diagnosing illnesses as quickly and efficiently as possible so lifesaving treatment can begin. This leading-edge equipment helps us do just that.

But first, we need your support. Please take this opportunity to be a life saver today.

Your generous gift will help fund the very latest equipment and technology for our hospital. It will benefit every patient in need of a diagnosis and hope this holiday season and beyond.