Your Dollars at Work

More equipment, more surgeons, and a new operating room are just some of the items you supported last year.  
With your help we were able to:

➤ Fund 77 pieces of surgical equipment including…
  • Orthopaedic Tools
  • Anesthesia Gas Machine
  • Ortho 3D printer
  • Bronchoscopy Telescope
  • Bladder Scanners
  • Portable Ultrasound Machine
  • Orthopaedics Operating Table
  • Scopes for Women’s Health
  • Opthalmology Laser
➤ Outfit a tenth operating room
➤ Enhance various surgical specialty areas including vascular, gynaecology, orthopaedic, and ophthalmology
➤ Support our surgical team with the more than 32,000 procedures they performed last year alone.
Thank you for helping us provide our surgical patients improved access to the latest techniques and practices.
We are so grateful for your support!