A Cup of Comfort through Thankful Thursdays

  • Jul 27, 2021
A Cup of Comfort through Thankful Thursdays

Whether it’s coffee or tea, there’s nothing quite like a cup of your favourite hot beverage. Its warmth and familiar flavour can provide comfort and relief, even amidst the busiest or hectic of days.

When the pandemic hit the world, the Kucey family knew they needed to help, starting with their community in Oakville.

“The frontline workers are coming into work every day. They couldn’t stay home like some of us. I couldn’t stop thinking about that,” says Mr. Charles Kucey.

“With family and friends working on the front lines, we know the amount of selflessness, sacrifice and hard work these individuals were contributing to keep all of us safe,” says Mrs. Jane Kucey. After sitting down as a family, the Kuceys decided to do something to make all staff, physicians and volunteers at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) feel appreciated and recognized for the work they have been doing. That’s when Mrs. Kucey and family thought of a special way to do just that – through a cup of coffee.

Held twice a month until the end of September, “Thankful Thursdays” provide free beverages for staff, physicians, and volunteers as appreciation for all their hard work in keeping the community safe, now and always. The family hopes these beverages give staff a boost in their day and a physical and mental break, while letting them know they are thought of and appreciated as they continue providing compassionate care to those in need during the pandemic.

“Hospitals are such an important part of the community,” says Mr. Kucey. “Every department in the hospital is important. Not just when you have a heart problem, or when a baby is born, it’s everything at the hospital that keeps us safe. Everything.”

That is why the family wanted to make it easy for all staff members to enjoy a free beverage on Thankful Thursdays, as each staff member at OTMH does their part to better the health of the community.

When it comes to giving back, I encourage other people in our community who are able and willing to not overthink it. Just do it,

As loyal supporters of the hospital since the early 1990s, the Kucey family encourages other community members to support our frontline workers in any way they can.

“When it comes to giving back, I encourage other people in our community who are able and willing to not overthink it. Just do it,” says Mr. Kucey.

Thankful Thursdays started in March of this year and are scheduled to end September 2021. As of early June, The Kucey Family has provided over 10,000 cups of coffee and tea to OTMH staff.

The next Thankful Thursday is on July 1. All staff members, physicians and volunteers can enjoy a free hot beverage at Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Le Prep at OTMH – all thanks to the Kucey Family Foundation and their generosity.

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