Your Dollars at Work

Last year thousands of patients came to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and found the lifesaving care and latest treatments they needed right here in our community. They found hope for recovery or a better quality of life because of you.
Thanks to your donations you helped fund:
Digital Mammography Machine – This state-of-the-art machine features 3D imaging, lower radiation doses and reduced discomfort through faster exam times, ultimately providing patients with significant relief and better outcomes. 
Anesthesia Cardiac Monitor – This device monitors the heart health of some of our sickest patients during complex surgeries.
Stress Testing Machines – These machines are used to diagnose patients with chest pain and are a critical tool to help those with heart disease manage their condition.
Laparoscopes – These tools help our surgeons remove certain types of tumours in a minimally invasive surgery resulting in less pain and faster recovery time for patients.  
IV Infusion Pumps – Every patient in need of an IV benefits from an infusion pump which provides the controlled delivery of fluids, nutrients and medications.
Sleeper Chair Sofas – A family member can be the most important part of healing for a patient.  We want to ensure their needs are addressed so they are in the best position to help their loved one.
Ultrasound Machines – These special 3D imaging units for the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging Departments and the Operating Room are portable so they can be brought right to the patient’s bedside.
Lab Pathology Microscope – This microscope is used to examine a tissue sample taken during an operation and quickly reviewed and a diagnosis made all while the patient is still in surgery.      
Sentinel Node Navigator – This surgical tool detects cancer by first testing the closest lymph node to the tumor saving the patient the trauma and pain associated with a full lymph node dissection.