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Elevating Patient Care with Revolutionary POCUS Technology

New Equipment At OTMH
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New Equipment At OTMH

In recent years, point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) technology has been rapidly advancing.

And now, we’re thrilled to share that it’s being incorporated at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) as an innovative way for clinicians to diagnose and treat patients faster.

Halton Healthcare has opted for Butterfly iQ+, an advanced generation of handheld POCUS device with a single probe – the actual unit used to scan the patient – that can be used for the whole body.

This type of imaging can be done right at the bedside and the digital images stream directly to phones and tablets providing real-time information for clinicians to help them assess patients quicker and make treatment decisions.

While traditional ultrasound remains indispensable, POCUS is like the advanced stethoscope of the future. It provides quick answers to specific medical questions, enhancing our ability to deliver precise care.

With POCUS, our caregivers can swiftly identify kidney stones, detect lung infections, and diagnose specific cardiac conditions, giving our patients the most accurate and efficient care possible.

Director of Diagnostic Imaging & Laboratory Services, Shairoz Kherani, highlights the cost-effectiveness of POCUS:

POCUS is much less expensive than traditional ultrasound, and the probes in the devices we use have computer chips rather than crystals, so they are more robust.

At OTMH, the POCUS devices are being used in the emergency department and inpatient medicine units. These high-traffic areas are now equipped with this revolutionary technology, improving patient flow and reducing wait times. This means a better experience for our community.

Our dedicated healthcare professionals are thrilled with the positive impact of POCUS. Dr. Stephen Chin, Chief of Hospital Medicine, emphasizes how bedside ultrasound enhances diagnostic precision and procedure safety in acute care situations, particularly when time is of the essence.

Together, we’re advancing healthcare in our community, one innovative step at a time. Donor support has brought POCUS technology to our patients, and it’s making a remarkable difference in keeping the best care, close to home.