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Sapna Family Foundation’s Generous Gift

Sapna Family Foundation's Better Care Story
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Sapna Family Foundation's Better Care Story

Drs. Khanna and Sapra and their family have deep roots in Oakville.   

Their connection to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) began when they joined OTMH’s medical team in 1996 as a plastic surgeon and dermatologist respectively. Over the years, the hospital became the heart of their lives, personally and professionally.  

The family’s experiences at OTMH, including the birth of their children, have fuelled their commitment to giving back, culminating in a remarkable $250,000 donation through Sapna Family Foundation, which included matching gift initiatives at the Diwali Gala over the past 10 years.  


A Family’s Commitment to Giving Back

“With privilege comes responsibility,” Dr. Khanna shares, reflecting on a lesson instilled by her parents, Lal and Meena Khanna. As a child of immigrants from India who arrived in Canada with almost nothing in 1965, she was taught the value of hard work and the importance of giving back.   

The Sapna Family Foundation, named after the Hindi word for “dream,” embodies the Khanna/Sapra family’s aspirations for better healthcare and community support and a better place for our children.” For our family, wherever we choose to donate, it’s about supporting the dream for things to be better,” Dr. Khanna explains.  

Supporting Community Healthcare  

Living and working in Oakville, she recalls numerous occasions when one of them treated friends, neighbours, and even their children’s classmates. “You are treating your friends, your family, your community. It’s a privilege to be part of that.”  

At the same time, she understands how privileged this community is to have a hospital like OTMH.  “When the hospital needs upgrades, we as a community have to help bring those things to fruition. Healthcare is always changing, and we need to keep up.”  

“Like the old saying goes – charity begins at home. OTMH is our home, so we started here,” shared Dr. Khanna. She explained that people don’t understand that government funding doesn’t support equipment needs. “We are very lucky in Canada, no one gets turned away. We live in a community that if you need healthcare, you get healthcare. What a privilege that is.”  

Dr. Khanna shared a touching story where a staff member from their clinic was undergoing breast cancer surgery and saw the SAPNA Family Foundation donor recognition plaque at OTMH. “It meant a big deal for her – it calmed her nerves down. The staff member said to me, ‘You didn’t have to be in the room; I knew you had my back.'”  

A Call to Share the Blessings  

Dr. Khanna’s message is clear: “It’s important to share the blessings. Whether it’s this foundation, something else you’re passionate about, or your local hospital, giving back is a grateful act. It’s about supporting the dreams for better care in our community.”  

The Sapna Family Foundation’s generous donation and ongoing support exemplify the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on their community. Through their philanthropy, the Khanna/ Sapra Family continues to inspire and uplift Oakville, ensuring that OTMH remains a cornerstone of care for all who live here. 

Sapna Family Foundation this year has also supported Refugee Girls Worldwide, new immigrant healthcare in Canada, indigenous youth , family and access to healthcare, SickKids, social justice organization, the arts and many other causes.