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Our Volunteers' Better Care Story
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Our Volunteers' Better Care Story

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week and we proudly shine a spotlight a few remarkable volunteers from Oakville.


OMEF's Learning Buddies

In Oakville, the Oakville Medical Education Foundation (OMEF) is actively supporting the Oakville Hospital Foundation through its impactful volunteer work.

At the core of OMEF’s initiatives lies the Learning Buddies Program, a transformative tutoring program that helps children succeed inside and outside the classroom. Over the past two years, this initiative has raised an impressive $10,000 in support of the Oakville Hospital Foundation and has become a cornerstone of youth empowerment and development in Oakville.

Led by volunteers like Shawn Fang and Carol Chen, OMEF’s Learning Buddies Network program helps children succeed academically and also fosters leadership and teamwork skills among volunteers. The program extends beyond academics to offer tutoring in various extracurricular activities such as skating, piano, tennis, dance, and more.

Funds raised through Learning Buddies are directly donated to the Oakville Hospital Foundation.

Discover more about the Learning Buddies program here.

Coopy's Classic

Coopy's Classic

During Volunteer Week, we honour the volunteers and organizers behind Coopy’s Classic, a heartfelt tribute that began six years ago in memory of Tyler Cooper. Tyler, beloved by many for his infectious positivity, struggled with mental health and later passed away. In response, Coopy’s Classic was born with a mission to raise funds for mental health causes. To date, they’ve raised $50,000 for Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH).

Last year, the event expanded to include an energizing concert by AC & The Sins at Monaghans Sports Pub and Grill, all in support of OTMH. Committee member Chris Taylor underscores the impact of giving back to OTMH, emphasizing its vital role in the community.

The committee’s dedication ensures Coopy’s memory lives on, with plans for the 2024 Coopy’s Classic underway, promising another year of unity and generosity in support of mental health advocacy.

Learn more about the Coopy’s Classic here.


Shifa Gala

Raza Hasan, Sadaf Hasan and the Shifa Gala committee volunteers epitomize community dedication and empathy. Their journey began with Raza’s involvement on the Oakville Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors, driven by a deep-rooted desire to support their beloved community.

Recognizing a lack of awareness about healthcare funding and needs, especially within the Muslim community, Raza and Sadaf envisioned the Shifa Gala in 2019. This gala aimed not just to celebrate but to educate and empower, bridging gaps and fostering meaningful contributions.

Despite facing challenges due to the pandemic, their determination remained strong. In 2022, the inaugural Shifa Gala exceeded expectations, showcasing the community’s incredible generosity and unity. Volunteers like Syed Zia, Owais Ahmad, and others brought their talents and passion, amplifying the gala’s impact.

Sadaf’s reflection on Canada’s nurturing environment resonates deeply: “The Shifa Gala goes beyond fundraising and nurtures a culture of giving back and community engagement.”

The Shifa Gala shows the power of collective action, healing, and building stronger communities.

Read more about the Shifa Gala here.