You have questions – we have answers! Below, is a list of frequently asked questions, and their corresponding answers. If your question is not included below, feel free to contact us at the Foundation’s office – we’re eager to assist.
Q)  Where do I send my donation?
A)  By Mail:
Oakville Hospital Foundation
3001 Hospital Gate
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 0L8              
In Person:
Oakville Hospital Foundation (1-N-105)
3001 Hospital Gate
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 0L8
Visit our website https://oakvillehospitalfoundation.com and click on the Donate Now button.

Q)  I want to send my donation by mail, who should I make the cheque out to?
A)  Oakville Hospital Foundation
Q)  What credit cards do you accept for donations?
A)  We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept donations via cheque, cash and securities.
Q) How to do I become a monthly donor?
A) You can become a monthly donor by signing up online here. For more information about monthly giving, please contact Paula Silveira, Senior Officer, Annual Fund by email or call 905-338-4642.

Q) Do I receive anything for becoming a monthly donor?
A) When you become a monthly donor, you join the Oak Leaf Society, a special community of individuals passionate about impacting the lives of those who need care in the Oakville community.

Q)  Can my donation benefit a specific area of the hospital?
A)  Yes. While the Hospital has identified priority equipment needs, you may still direct your contribution to a specific program, department or piece of equipment. Please contact the Foundation’s office to learn more.

Q) I’m not sure what donation option is best for me. Can OHF help me decide what kind of gift I should consider?
There are many ways you can contribute to OTMH. We would be happy to find the option that’s best for you. Please contact 905-338-4642.
Q)  When a Tribute Gift is made, is the amount of the donation disclosed?
A)  No. The Foundation respects the privacy of donors and keeps this information confidential.

Q) Why should I donate? I thought the hospital was government funded.
A) The government does not pay for hospital equipment therefore donor support is vital. To ensure our hospital remains a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, Oakville Hospital Foundation raises funds for essential medical equipment and technology required by OTMH health care providers to diagnose, treat and care for patients living in our community.
Q)  Will you share my personal contact information with others?
A)  No. The Oakville Hospital Foundation respects your privacy and is committed to the protection of your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We do not rent, sell or trade the personal information we collect including information contained in our mailing lists.
Q)  How long will it take to receive my tax receipt?
A)  If you make an online donation, you will receive an electronic copy of your tax receipt immediately via email. If you make your donation by mail, or by phone, every effort will be made to process your receipt within 7 business days, which you will receive by mail.
Q) What’s the minimum donation required for a tax receipt?
A) To minimize administrative costs, paper tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or greater. For online donations, e-tax receipts do not have a minimum donation.
Q) Is my banking and credit card information shared with anyone?
A) No, all data is encrypted and a compliant environment according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
Q) How can I find out if OHF is fundraising in my neighbourhood?
A) Check out our events page to view upcoming events.     
Q) What is the Foundation’s charitable number?
A) The Foundation’s Charitable Registration Number is: 13145-3490 RR0001.
Q)  What portion of my gift goes toward equipment needs?
A)  We are pleased to report in 2019/2020 a 33% expense ratio. This amount is below Canada Revenue Agency guidelines (the position of the CRA is expense ratios under 35 cents for every dollar raised is unlikely to generate concern.) The expense ratio calculation can differ between charities. When comparing our expense ratio to other charities, please note that the Oakville Hospital Foundation's expense ratio factors all expenses including events, salaries, and administrative costs.
Q)  How can I get a copy of Oakville Hospital Foundation’s Annual Report?
A)  Visit the Publications Section found in News & Events, where you can access an online version of the report. Alternatively, you may pick up a hard copy at the Foundation Office located at 3001 Hospital Gate, Oakville ON L6M 0L8
Q)  How can I get a copy of the Foundation’s audited financial statements?
A)  Visit the Publications Section found in News & Events, where you can access an online version of the report. Alternatively, you may pick up a hard copy at the Foundation Office located at 3001 Hospital Gate, Oakville ON L6M 0L8
Q)  Who do I contact if I want to run an event on behalf of the Foundation?
A)  Monica Blumhoff, Associate Director, Events and Corporate Partnerships, will be pleased to speak with you about your idea for a community event. Please email or call Monica Blumhoff, Associate Director, Events & Corporate Partnerships at 905-845-2574 x 6247.
Q) How do I become Community Partner?
A)  Partnering with Oakville Hospital Foundation means you are not only doing good, but you are supporting a hospital that will continue to care for the community for generations to come. Check out our Four-Step Action Plan for planning your next event here.
Q) What is Cause Related Marketing?
A) Cause-Related Marketing is a partnership between a company and a non-profit organization. Aligning with a non-profit allows an organization to share its values with the community. To find out more contact Monica Blumhoff, Associate Director, Events & Corporate Partnerships by email or call Oakville Hospital Foundation at 905-338-4642.

Q) How do I create a Personal Fundraising page ?
A) We’ve made it easy to create your own fully customizable fundraising page to collect funds in support of Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

Q) How can i request a donation tax receipt?
A) Please contact the Foundation’s office at 905-338-4642.
Q) Can I recognize an individual who provided me with an exemplary patient experience?
A) Yes, you can honour a caregiver. With your donation, we will share your gratitude with the individual, along with a small token to recognize the outstanding care they provided. View our brochure.

Q) What is Name a Star?
A) Mark the joyous occasion of your baby’s birth by naming a star with your baby’s name and birth date in the Maternal Child Care Department at OTMH. Your gift will not only recognize a special baby in your life, it will also make a difference in the lives of future newborns and families. All proceeds raised will help fund medical equipment for the Maternal Child Program such as infant warmers, isolettes, fetal monitoring equipment, and much more. Order you star here.