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Dr. Hanif Jamal

Dr. Jamal's Better Care Story
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Dr. Jamal's Better Care Story

The other day one of my patients was on her way back from dialysis when she had acute shortness of breath.

Her life was in danger and I had to act fast! But to save her life, I first had to diagnose the problem.

You see, my patient has a strong history of having an infection in her heart valve. She also has a list of other medical conditions including kidney failure, heart disease, and anxiety. In that critical moment, because so many things could have been wrong, I had to rely on diagnostic equipment for answers. A chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, and STAT blood work were done right at her bedside. The results showed me that she had congestive heart failure.

And thanks to you, I was able to make life-saving decisions on the spot. Thanks to you I could immediately administer the medication she urgently needed. She owes her life to the equipment that helped me diagnose her so quickly – equipment you helped us purchase with your generous support.

I’m so very grateful for your loyalty. You see, I’m a Hospitalist at Oakville Hospital and a local Family Doctor. Together with our talented specialists, I care for and treat patients in almost every department. I’ve seen the impact of your generosity time and time again.

You may be surprised to hear this, but when I first started working here, I didn’t realize Oakville Hospital is almost completely dependent on our community for the purchase of new equipment.

Your donations gives our healthcare team the leading-edge equipment and technology they need to ensure more positive outcomes for patients.

Every day, I’m privileged to be part of some remarkable lives at Oakville Hospital. I see the bravery of patients, marvel at the awe-inspiring power of technology, and appreciate the donor funded equipment that helps me save lives. And I reflect on how fortunate we are to have you – a generous supporter who gives us the opportunity to do the best we can for our patients.

Your support makes great CARE possible.