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Mike's Better Care Story
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Mike's Better Care Story

On some level, Mike was expecting the news. After all, he had spent the past few weeks undergoing a variety of tests, scans and a biopsy at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH).

Still, to actually hear he had cancer came as a shock. “In that moment, I knew my life – my family’s life – was going to be forever changed,” Mike recalls

Mike’s biggest fear was of the unknown. He’d never been a hospital patient before – never battled a major illness or injury. At 76, he didn’t know what to expect. But, Mike was also determined to fight his lymphoma on every level. And, he wanted to do it in a top-notch facility, close to home.

That’s where caring supporters like you come in. Thanks to your generosity, Mike had access to the best diagnostic equipment, the latest cancer treatment and a cancer care team determined to give him every chance to get better. “My team at OTMH saved my life,” he says.

As Mike’s oncologist at OTMH, I’m deeply grateful for the ongoing support. Your generosity helps ensure my colleagues and I have the tools and technology we rely on to provide patients like Mike with the leading-edge cancer care they urgently need.

And today, I hope I can count on you for an additional gift. You see, we’re working hard to raise funds to expand our Cancer Clinic Pharmacy and upgrade our chemotherapy compounding facilities. We’re so close to reaching our financial goal and we need your help to take us the rest of the way.

This is also a great time to give for another reason. Long-time donors June and Ian have offered to match gifts, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. That means your donation, in support of our much-needed expansion and top-notch cancer care, will go twice as far.

Perhaps you’re wondering why an expansion to our Cancer Clinic Pharmacy and chemotherapy compounding facilities is so important. The short answer to that question is patient need.

Mike isn’t the only patient to benefit from lifesaving chemotherapy treatment at OTMH. Far from it. In fact, the number of visits to our chemotherapy clinic has increased by 68% this year alone.

The expansion of our pharmacy will create more space for additional staff to keep up with demand for making chemotherapy medications on-site. That means patients like Mike won’t have to wait as long for their treatment to be prepared.

Overall, Mike received six chemotherapy treatments at OTMH. His treatment included a brand new drug that has shown a lot of promise in clinical trials for Mike’s type of cancer.

“I was so fortunate to receive the latest available treatment close to home,” Mike says. “And I’ll always be grateful to all the people who made it possible. Cancer impacts everyone in some way. And, when it hits home, you want to have an excellent facility next door that can save your life.”

Happily, Mike responded very well to his treatment. Today, he’s in remission. He continues to visit the Cancer Clinic every three months for follow-up and is feeling great.

And yet, even as Mike is living his life to the fullest, there are many others who will receive the shocking news of a cancer diagnosis this year. With you by our side we’ll provide them with the care and treatment they expect and deserve. Together, we’ll give them every chance to get better.

At OTMH, our commitment to our patients is strong and saving lives is our biggest motivation.

At OTMH, our commitment to our patients is strong and saving lives is our biggest motivation. I’m so thankful to you for ensuring we have the vital equipment and first rate facilities to care for people like Mike to the very best of our ability.

As you may be aware, the government doesn’t cover the cost of equipment or all the costs associated with physical expansion. We rely on the generosity of dedicated supporters like you to fund essential equipment and ensure our hospital is the best it can possibly be.

Our focus today is on expanding our Cancer Clinic Pharmacy for the benefit of thousands of patients like Mike in need of lifesaving cancer care. The generosity of our incredible community has brought us to within sight of reaching our financial goal.

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